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CPL Filter

How do I purchase the CPL Filter for the A119?

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I've contacted Viofo and they told me they are still testing the CPL filter and will be available in about a month.

I'm really looking forward to it to get rid of the glare on my A119.



Thx for the info
same here waiting for CPL filter.

waiting for CPL filter

Yep waiting for it too.
It is already more than a month. Still no reply. What type of service is this. Can some explain what is the dimension of the lens so that we can buy a either 52mm cpl lens or something bigger or smaller
It's the size of the lens of the cam

Desperately needing one of these!   I had one on my Mini 0826 dash cam and it help to cut back the drastic reflection of my textured silver dash in my Dodge Caliber. With this cam, the reflection makes a very noticeable grainy effect in the video.  Aside from buying a matte black custom dash idea what i can do.  

If the are "still testing" the CPL filter....I would be a perfect candidate to see if it actually works....seriously the reflection is sooo bad!

Go to Dashcamtalk. com and search for a thread titled: CPL Status. 

I've tried to share the link here but it won't let me for some reason.

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Will there be a USA seller to purchase this from?  Last I made the mistake of ordering an international item on ebay, took over a month to arrive.

I was told they'd be sold by resellers on Amazon.

 I was informed four days ago they hope to have it heading for the distributors by the end of the month.  Expect it to filter, pardon the pun, down to us on Amazon shortly thereafter.


I'm waiting for it , today is Dec , and it's still not out

Still waiting also.

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