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CPL Filter

How do I purchase the CPL Filter for the A119?

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Have the CPL now on my A119. 

Glare is reduced but still there.

Be aware that with the CPL attached you cannot move the lens to the sides anymore.

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Go to Dashcamtalk. com and search for a thread titled: CPL Status. 

I've tried to share the link here but it won't let me for some reason.

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I've contacted Viofo and they told me they are still testing the CPL filter and will be available in about a month.

I'm really looking forward to it to get rid of the glare on my A119.



There is a clip-on CPL filter available now. So stoked!
same here waiting for CPL filter.

Thanks for the notice.  I just ordered two of them.

I did to , I ordered 2

Will there be a USA seller to purchase this from?  Last I made the mistake of ordering an international item on ebay, took over a month to arrive.

I was told they'd be sold by resellers on Amazon.
I have the a119s it will not move side to side.
Thx for the info

 I was informed four days ago they hope to have it heading for the distributors by the end of the month.  Expect it to filter, pardon the pun, down to us on Amazon shortly thereafter.


I have abandoned the idea of making my own filter for 2 reasons namely that 

1) my custom modified black dash-mat (sprayed with satin black paint which was better than matte black) means reflection in the glass is very minimal and 

2) I think Polaroid sunnies lenses are linear polarising (not circular polarising) which I read may interfere with the light metering of the cam.

If anyone else wants to d.i.y. then an inexpensive source is 3D glasses as issued by movie theatres. 

A black dash mat really does help...more so than a CPL alone.

Bought the new filter form
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