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wrong time stamp

this camera always show wrong time stamp . i need to be correct time many time in a day. when ever i shut off my car and start again time change. so this is a major problem about this camera. other wise video quality is good.

Hi Sudhir,

This camera uses a capacitor rather than a battery. It has no energy source to run an internal clock unless you have hardwired it to be always on.   The camera is meant for harsher conditions than batteries can sustain.


hi jeff I am not agree with your answer. because i have a garmin gps too in my car from the last 4 year same gps i have. nothing happen to that gps. And you should know what your making. if i will go to court bring this camera as a proof. what i gonna show them wrong date and wrong time footage. thanks
Sorry Sudhir,

You didn't mention that you had the GPS module on your A119.  The GPS signal includes the time. So, you should be able to constantly have it reset the clock at power up. I have the GPS module on mine and it seems fine so far.

I have asked VIOFO a couple of questions lately.  They seem helpful enough.  Have you asked them about it?



my a119 resets to factory default every time power is removed. I have to manual go in and turn on the GPS to get it to see it.

I have the same issue. I have to configure the GPS function every time I start the car if I want to have right date, time and location printed. Am I missing something?

my whole config defaults.  I have not received an update on the case i opened but i did get a response from a user on Amazon (where i bought it) and they said the unit should hold the config.  That would mean the GPS on config.  I will update you once, if, i ever hear back from Viofo support.

Just bought the A119S no GPS today am I going to have a problem with this one?

No!, i just recived a replacement from Amazon (thats why i luv shopping with them) and it holds the config with no problem when power is removed.  It holds the date/time and GPS on config.  All the configs i changed where maintained.  Not sure why some units are flaky......just like the Viofo support...flaky.  I never heard back from them.

OK thanks. ..all so bought the new filter hope it works well

I'm sending mine back to Amazon and ordering a new one. I like the quality of the videos and the size of the device so I'll give it a second chance. The response from Viofo support was not helpful at all. They told me to download and install the update, which I had done the first day. The device was running on the latest version and was not working properly.

yeah, its unfortunate their support stinks.  i never even got a response.  i recived more responses from amazon questions.  its unfortunate because the size and functionality can be really cool.  glad i got one that works now! but no thanks to Viofo, its because i purchased through amazon.

I ordered the a119 on Saturday not Knowing that the a119s was out already, so went to and cancelled the a119 Sunday I bought the a119s with the new lens filter. Hope delivery isn't to long

I have read some people find the time and date to always be wrong, I have had the 119 for 2 months now and with the GPS adapter the time and date are automatically reset each time I start the car. It was not in the beginning until I set the proper GMT time zone for my area -5. 

I was initially having the same problem until i noticed that there was a setting that was missing. First and foremost you need to update the firmware, newest one released on February 21st, 2017. Then go into the camera settings, in the time zone setting, select the appropriate time zone relative to your location, for example people in California in the Pacific Time Zone will have a setting of -8 GMT. If you're unsure, do a google search along with your city and country for the GMT time and you will find it. Select that and your problem will be fixed immediately but firmware upgrade is the first priority so do that first. Go into support and click on firmware upgrade for instructions.
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