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wrong time stamp

this camera always show wrong time stamp . i need to be correct time many time in a day. when ever i shut off my car and start again time change. so this is a major problem about this camera. other wise video quality is good.

My settings are: Underlined items are the ones which always resets settings 

Using 32Gb SD card FAT32

Resolution: 1920x1080 30fps

Loop Rec.: 2 min

EV: 0


Time-Lapse: OFF

Motion Dect.: OFF


G-Sensor: Med


Plate Stamp: inserted

Rec. Audio: OFF

Screen Saver: 30s


Date/Time: ON DDMMYY

Time Zone: -3

Lang.: English

Beep: Only Buttons

Freq.: 50Hz

Format: -  (Used once)

Format Warn;: 15days

Default: (used once)

Version: A119_170606_V3.1

When you change each setting, are you pressing the emergency ( ! ) button to confirm the change before returning to the main menu?

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Can someone be so stupid as I am ? No ! I was not pressing the (!) button after selecting config. I was pressing the MENU button, as immediately over this button apears the OK sign... Now I reconfigured my A119 and it holds the settings. Just GPS functions I´ll have to try later in the car.  Thank you (CaptureYourAction), checked you input and was surprised that this is mentioned in the manual. I´m stupid, thanks a lot !!!

Glad it's working for you.


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