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A119 Dash Camera is not working!


I purchased the new Dash camera from GearBest, found the camera is just dispalys "VIOFO" on the screen and Rec LED is on, None o the buttons are working except power button.

The reset button did not helped either!

Could you please let me know How to get it working?

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 Hello i have exactly the same problem, did you find any solution?

No response so far! I am still waiting for Viofo support.

Just started having the exact same problem mentioned here. I also found that the camera hasn't been recording anything while this issue has been happening.

Just happened to me today. Video is frozen. Recording on but not recording video. Only way to go away is power it off and on so far

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Gonna contact support and see what they say
did you get this sorted?

mine doing same thing great camera hope this is a easy fix my computer wont even see this camera now 

I am loosing trust on this product as I am seeing lot of people are having this issue.
I haven't heard anything from VIOFO support so far. I'd not recommend this product to my friends and family. Disappointed big time. So many fake reviews made me purchase this shitty camera.
Stay away from this scam shit.


No one bothered about our complain so far!
What kind o support is this?


I have sent 3 emails and no response

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Sent in a support ticket two days ago. No response, despite it being indicated that a response will be bade within 24 hours. This thread is clearly off their radar, I thought I had made a good purchase but maybe not.

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yeah i thought the same pic and vid really clear 

I finally received a response 2 days back asking what temperature it was when it stopped working, I replied straight away and nothing since. The video quality etc is excellent on this product but the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I have decided to return it under warranty and go with a different brand.

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still waiting on a response... worst customer service I have experienced
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