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A119 Dash Camera is not working!


I purchased the new Dash camera from GearBest, found the camera is just dispalys "VIOFO" on the screen and Rec LED is on, None o the buttons are working except power button.

The reset button did not helped either!

Could you please let me know How to get it working?

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Once the .bin file is loaded onto the card, power the camera via a USB charger (phone charger), not your computers USB.  You can also use the included car adapter. 


Returning this junk to amazon.

Connecting the camera to your computer with the short USB cable will make your camera enter Mass Storage mode.  Most dash cameras do this.  To update the firmware, power the camera with a USB charger or in your car with the supplied power adapter.


Except that the instructions clearly say to reconnect it to the PC and the light will flicker and then the device will reboot.  I can accept that a device I purchase doesn't come with the latest drivers/firmware/etc but to have to flash a device to get it to work out of the box is the definition of garbage hardware.

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If any device doesn't work out of the box return to vendor for exchange or refund. Beware of returns being resold. The A119 Dash Cam has the odd requirement of 2-STAGE updating, first the LDBA119.bin then FWA119.bin when the current Firmware is corrupted or failed to updated normally. The A119S only needs to update FWA119S.bin since the LOADER rarely gets corrupted on the Novatek NT96660 chipset. The full 14-STEP A119 Loader + Binary procedure is posted in the comments of this video on my BCHobbyist YouTube Channel. If your A119/S currently has Firmware version 2 or higher and isn't frozen on VIOFO logo follow the simpler procedure in this video:


You can use a PC to update, but you must use the long USB cable (power cable) and not the short USB cable.  The short cable has a data line and when connected to a computer (and some cars) the camera will enter Mass Storage Mode instead of updating or starting normally.  It's just easier to tell users not to use the PC for updating.  Yes, Viofo should specify this information.  It's also worth noting that most USB ports don't supply enough power to properly power the camera.  I wouldn't want to be under powering the camera while updating the firmware.
Also, for clarification, the A119 boot loader only needs updating if your running V1.1 or lower.  If your running V1.1 or lower, your camera is one of first manufactured.  The boot loader needed to be updated due to the fact that the SDK (Novatek software) was updated and the new boot loader was needed for the A119 to be updated properly to the newer firmware updates.  Once the boot loader is updated, you shouldn't have to reinstall it (unless it should become necessary to update it due to another SDK update).  Also, the A119 and A119S both use the same Novatek chipset.  Only the image sensor is different.


Was having the issue "camera freezing while showing XXXXX on screen". So went the instruction in the 

A119 Firmware Instruction

and all is working fine now.

If it is out of warranty or you just don't care about warranty you can try the following. 

Try to power it on and twist the camera to a downwards position, then It might start up. It did it for me 

I then opened the camera up and removed the camera assembly. Trust me it's super easy to do. For me the problem was that the connection between the main board and the flex cable of the camera was half loose which caused at first a fuzzy and black screen and then just the start up logo. undoing the cable and redoing it properly fixed it for me. I hope it helps. 

Btw on the connection there is a small grey bar which acts as the locking mechanism for the connection so lift it op pull it out and reinsert it again properly closing the grey bar. 

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