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How to enter different "modes"

From the menu, there are 4 different modes: Standby Mode, Recording Mode, Playlist Mode and Setting Menu Mode.  However, it does not tell users how one can enter these mode.  Could you please clarify it.  Thanks.

Check p9 & 10 of the Guide.  It's tricky to change modes. Basically mess with the Rec to go between Stand-by & Recording mode.

Get to Playlist mode by starting in Stand-by & pressing the Emergency button

Get to Setting Menu Mode by starting in Stand-by & pressing the Menu button.


Here's what I do to get into the Menus:

1. Turn unit on and wait until it starts recording (i.e. the red led flashes).

2. After it starts recording, press "<". The A119 will stop recording and beep twice.

3. After it beeps twice, press MENU. The menu appears.

4. Press ">" to highlight the next function down in the menu, or press "<" to highlight the next function up.

5. Press "!" (exclamation point) to enter the highlighted function.

6. Press "<" or ">" to choose an option in the function, then go to the next step.

7. Press "<" to exit the function. Whatever option you chose will be remembered.

8. Press MENU to return to the recording mode.

Hope this helps!

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