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EV Exposure

I'm using  +0.0.

Under  what conditions would I use the other exposure levels?

The video is okay but hard to see license plates. 

Res  2560x1440P  30 fps 

Freq 60 hz 

What are the best settings to get the best clarity.

I believe 1440P is the best.  To see number plates try zooming in with Dashcam Viewer software. I have yet to try it myself so don't ask me how but look at the demo on the Dashcam Viewer website.

Set your PC monitor to the highest res too. 

I use the 1920x1080x60fps mode to record in the daytime. Using my Windows 10 computer I have no problems viewing the files. Using Dashcamviewer software adds a lot to my experience with the A119.

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