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edited User Manual

I have gone through my Viofo A119 User Manual thoroughly and edited it for my own benefit.

In the process I thought some other users may benefit so it is in the attached file.

I think it is clean but please do your own virus scan before opening. 


With two months experience, here's an updated version


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can you post a PDF that has each sheet so I can print it?  Sorry Newbe here......


never mind....... found a way..... sorry.


chuffed that someone might be finding it useful.   

For what it is worth, I find Foxit Reader useful for .pdf's , especially as you can

use it's typewriter feature to add to unprotected files.  

Thanks for the annotations wazza they are very helpful

It's more producers job to arrange manual (at least English) in digital form. There is all material ready (even ready lay out) to make professional looking e-manual if the company will to do.

My memory starts to break up because of age and I keep all manuals in my computer and phone. This moment I have only fuzzy pdf-copy of it.

PS. The link above is not working

thanks wazza

Just wanted to say thanks for this, the only suggestion I have is about the red LED light, I went through a few hours of frustration because the manual that comes with the device said that a solid red LED means recording, but it seems that a blinking red light means recording, so I thought I had problems for the first few hours but turns out it was perfect from the start.


Sorry you wasted time David A. I will check my camera as it may differ to yours and  amend the edited manual. I probably did not notice the blinking because it is so dim. I have actually suggested that a reflective area behind the LED would be a good thing.

that's odd David, usually a blinking light means recording is on pause mode or the sd card isnt functioning. please check if the counter on screen is progressing as this also indicates recording is in process. do let us know of any results.

David A.  I have just confirmed my LED is solid red when recording as per the manual..

I checked the SD card and it contains footage of every time I went for a drive and the red LED was blinking every time. I even checked the box to make sure I have the same model and it says VIOFO A119. I did only just buy the device, but I don't think they would start making them and change something like that. I have to admit this has me puzzled.

Here is a PDF version of Spy Techs user manual which is the same as a VIOFO A119


Thanks Oliver.  I think I prefer the Spy Tech manual over my edited Viofo version. Between the two, users should have very good understanding.

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