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Motion Detection / Parking Mode

I have asked Viofo direct

"  Why does Motion Detection not turn on automatically when the engine is turned off and turn off auto when the engine is started?  It is tedious to have to navigate the menu for it.

Could a convenience feature be to turn it on/off by simultaneous pressing of two buttons?  "

I will follow up here after receiving their reply and in the meantime I welcome comments.

I realise it is not advisable to have it turned on while driving as the cam may not continuously record.

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Hang in there people. I received a reply but am seeking further clarification.

I have also asked if the button option above is a no go, can the option be moved to the top of the menu list? 

@wazza, Any luck with this? 

This should be added. I can't see this being very difficult to add as motion detection is already there with the exception of an option to allow it to be activated automatically when the engine is turned off. 

I had some luck. Viofo said

"A119 use capacitor instead of battery, but it will not power off immediately after unplug the charger, so it have enough time to save the file.

Thanks for your advice, we'll forward it to our technicians."


"Motion Detection can only be used when camera is power on,it shut off automatically when you done driving.

When this feature is activated, recording will begin if there is movement in front of the camera. 

Once the camera does not detect movement for 60 seconds, recording will be stopped and the device will switch to detect mode. 

The device will record again if it will detect a new movement in front of camera."

As a newbie I (wrongly) thought the "super" capacitor would power the cam for some hours or even e.g. overnight. Cams with rechargeable batteries are similarly limited. For ongoing m.d. you need the cam powered by hard wiring to the car battery or another thing that avoids draining the car battery. The published specs for the A119 and Manual do not make this plain for the uninitiated like me.

Viofo are very good with prompt replies but their is an element of language barrier. Also, as you can see they are open to suggestions.

I have discovered a forum site called dashcamtalk which has a sub-forum for the A119 which is great. There's a thread for feature requests. To their great credit, Viofo are monitoring and replying there too.   

wazza, thanks. Looks like you can either turn motion detect on or off. No way to have continuous record while the engine is running and then switch to motion detect when the engine is off (parked). The system would probably need a record buffer to make it work properly in park mode anyway.

Although the Manual says M.D. on while driving may interfere with your normal recordings, over on DashCamTalk someone has reported no problem with it on 24/7. Maybe it depends on the resolution? Therefore IF you have your installation with cam power on 24/7 you'd be laughing.  


 Viofo, can you investigate .... perhaps a firmware update could fix? and you could even sell a power pack thing.    

I think there should be a standard setting like "when no G detected for 5 mins, set fps to 1fps".

This way you get a smaller file with enough details as a parking mode.

Or "When no G, set MD on an set fps to 1fps when no motion and 30 or 60 when motion is detected."

Only hardwired connection to continuous + with a drain preventor should be installed.

Should be an easy thing in the software (I've send a request by email, lets see when they respond).

Would be a significant improver to an allready great product:)

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Parking mode doesn't even work for me. I set it and it just continuously records...

Does the Viofo A119S have a parking mode feature with hardwire kit ?

This is absolutly required for EU market ! In most countries you are not allowed to film traffic permanently, except your doing nature videos for private use. Still it can give you lots of trouble. 

So you need two modes:

1) G-Sensor triggers filming, else it stays in standby and does not film

2) Motion detection triggers filming, else it stays in standby and does not film

@Jonathan Brown, try updating firmware. Had this with 1.4 too, only factory reset helped or to plug the GPS module.

Hi Robert, thanks for the info you gave, but I thought it would be more useful to set the park mode with the hardwire kit and use 1080p 2 fps or 5 fps. So it uses less energy.
Robert, I think you're talking about the power bank. If the harware kit falls below 11.5 volts, it cuts off the electricity, in my use, my car is parked for 2 days then closes the camera. I think this is a period of competence.

It takes 17 days to drain a 69Ah battery with 2 Watts of power consumption. For regular use, you dont need hardwire kits. In my car (Audi A3) I only had to move the cigarette lighter fuse one slot up to get permanent power instead of power after ignition.

Viofo, I would like to use Arduino to control auxillary power source to camera and to enable/disable motion detection.  Possible operational process is as follows:

1. Arduino monitors if automobile power is available, TRUE condition USB S+ HIGH disables MD
2. FALSE condition, USB S+ LOW enables MD

Arduino could also monitor if auto was "at home" condition by communication with Home Automation network, monitor battery and auxillary power voltages and control camera on/off state accordingly. 

Alternatively, if MD were "latched" ON state and reverted to OFF whenever power was cycled, then only when parking was a menu selection required.  Whenever power was cycled to camera(normal in any engine start), it would unlatch and revert to no MD.  Comments?


I just purchased a pair of A119 dash cams.  I'm running the firmware version 3.3 with the actual 'parking mode' feature.  I'm using a battery pack rather than hard-wiring it to my car battery.  It had no problems recording through night.

My issues are, the parking mode does not seem to 'buffer record', and you can not turn on the separate 'motion detection' mode while in parking mode (it tells you to turn parking mode off before allowing you to turn on motion detection).  I also can't seem to find any information on how the g-sensor will work while in parking mode.  If it doesnt buffer record in parking mode, and something sets off the g-sensor, I presume the footage will only show from the time the sensor goes off and for several seconds after.  Whereas the motion detection mode actually buffer records and will show the few seconds before and after.  

For the time being, I'm going to leave parking mode off and hope I remember to switch to motion detection when parked. And go back to using motion detection as my parking mode. 

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