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Motion Detection / Parking Mode

I have asked Viofo direct

"  Why does Motion Detection not turn on automatically when the engine is turned off and turn off auto when the engine is started?  It is tedious to have to navigate the menu for it.

Could a convenience feature be to turn it on/off by simultaneous pressing of two buttons?  "

I will follow up here after receiving their reply and in the meantime I welcome comments.

I realise it is not advisable to have it turned on while driving as the cam may not continuously record.

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also, there is no sound recording while in parking mode. With my g-sensor set to high sensitivity, it still takes quite a bit to set it off. I slammed the passenger door hard and rocked the car a bit while in parking mode, emergency record did not activate. Sound could be very beneficial in hearing something hit my vehicle.

So now, I have my forward facing camera attached with the suction cup so I can swivel while parked at my house or to aim at specific events. The rear is attached to the regular 'quick release' on the back window. 

The forward cam is set to motion detect while parked (buffered recording with sound), and the rear in actual parking mode (no buffered recording, no sound). 

How does Parking Mode works with the new firmware release V2.1 for the A119S? Viofo, care to enlighten us ?

If you have the camera permanently wired via an OBD2  2amp charge cable (not 1.5amp generally available on ebay) then parking mode works like this- 

and note his settings-

Screensaver = Off

Parking Mode = 5FPS

G Sensor + Low Sensitivity

In fact if you have the Parking Mode set to any FPS rate then if you try to set Motion Detection on you'll get a message to turn Parking Mode off first but you can still set the G-Sensor sensitivity. If you turn Parking Mode off then you can select Motion Detection on but if you then go back to Parking Mode and select any FPS rate then when you go back to Motion Detection it will be turned off. However the settings above will see the camera power down after 1.5 mins with no movement or engine vibrations and then it will work as per the video. Try it sitting in the car and when it powers down wave a finger in front of the lens or walk up in front of the car.

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