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Unable to Find the Dashcam Viewer Software

I cannot find any links to the dashcam view software on this site. How can I get a copy of it?

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The camera doesn't include any viewer software, but it writes in mp4 format. This can be viewed on the default media player on your computer (i.e. Windows Media Player 12, or Quicktime on Mac). Simply use the included cable to connect it to your computer and it will act like a USB drive.

If you want dedicated viewer software, I think you have to buy it separately.

Thank you for your reply.

I can watch on computer with any media player. But I want to see video and route on map. Is there any software for watching video and map route together?

I believe Registration Viewer which not many use. There have been issues with Reg. Viewer.


If it is still of interest, I cam across 'Dashcam Viewer' (Earthshine Software) which allows you to view your files, can add all the telemetry and route details while viewing.

The free version is fully functional but has a 5-movie sequential limit. Purchasing removes the limit and the splash screen.

Personally, I have all the GPS functions turned off at the device level, as I do not beleive in self incrimination :o)

but for those that are not fussed, the software will pick up and graph velocity, acceleration, turning etc

If it is straight forward file viewing, then any desktop media player will play the files, or alternatively, plug it into any new(ish) TV, and watch them large screen :o)

I observed that some parts of the video playback stutter on Dashcam Viewer Windows 2.6.1 but watching the same video file in Windows media Player and VLC Player it plays back smoothly. At first I thought there was a problem with my microSD card or A119S but it appears to be the Dashcam Viewer. 

Dashcam Viewer does not at present (April 2017)  support 1140 resolution.

my videos are only set to 1080p resolution 

Best viewer for 2K resolution or 60/120FPS is

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Can someone give an idea of cost for dashcam viewer, full version.

$25 US

I use Dashcam Viewer under Windows 7.

All its functions work well except for the movie viewing window. In this window, the window is filmed one after the other, the film runs twice, naturally in a compressed state.

My question: Can someone solve this problem?

I thank you in advance too.

Dashcam Viewer not showing any GPS or speed info. Do anyone knows how to resolve this?


Nikhil, what firmware version is your dash camera running?  Older versions may not be compatible with Dashcam Viewer.


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