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recording/playback issue

Hi, new A119+GPS+CPL, FIRMWARE V2.0.using Lexar high performance 64 gb card 633x. installed as per manual using supplied cables and adapter.

recording clarity is ok.while playing back the video seems to be jerky,advancing few frames at a time. any ideas guys?

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I have the same problem
Are you copying the video files to your computer hard drive first?  Is the video "jerky" when playing back on the A119 itself?



Sorry for the delay in replying.yes i am copying the files to PC before playing it something to do with

PC hardware?my PC has intel core 2duo E 7300 chipset,  2.66 GHZ,  2 Gb ram .

I would try playing the videos on the camera itself.  If it still does it when viewing on the camera, I would try another memory card.  If the video is fine on the camera, then the issue is with your computer.


i have tried playing on the camera itself. The video playback is fine.I think there is an issue with my PC  hardware. thank you for the advice

A low inductance level of battery or capacitor would create such movement. We noticed this problem with other dash cams and after charging battery, all issues resolved. However, you state the issue is not present in camera, only PC. The core 2 duo is extremely a benchmark to the PC as we have never, not ever experienced any issues with the aforesaid processor. Just my two cents worth.

* Heat generated to the dash camera can also interrupt frame rate.

I know this may sound dumb... but I think it may work in a pinch (especially if you MUST have that last video file on your camera.  When you park your car (at home / at work) leave your key on..stay in your vehicle...and you will, in essence...keep recording for the length of time that your loop is...  So when it finishes the loop... You will have then "Saved" that last file as the "next to the last file"..... you will have another last file.,,,,

I hope I am making sense... feel free to jump in on this conversation.  My loop is 3 minutes, so I would wait 4 minutes,,,,  and the file I really need would be safe.

If the camera is not shutting down properly and your last files are corrupt, simply power down manually to ensure your last file saves properly. Also, if you have a corrupt file, play it back on the camera itself. The camera will usually "fix" the file.

how do I "power down manually"??  Just hold the power button until the machine shuts off??

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Yes, that way the camera is still powered when shutting down.

If your last file, just before shut down, is corrupt, you may have an issue with a bad capacitor. 


Hi Synoptic 12,

Thank you for your thoughts.Up until now the video playback is OK.

@ Kishore S

Glad to hear it.

UPDATE:  Yes, powering down (when I can remember to do it) DOES save the last file!!  Thank you.

Maybe a fix for this will be in a new update for this cam.  

Thanks for the tip.

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