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My complains about A119s so far

Hi All,

I bought the A119s model couple of days a go and so far I'm not very happy with the device. Below are my feedback about the device:

1- Noise level is very high at night makes the night videos useless (you can't read the plate numbers unless there is enough light around). See the attached photo. (My car was parked and you can't even read the plate number of the cars in front)

2- There is no ISO control. This is a very important feature that is omitted.

3- Audio noise is very high at times when the environment is quiet

4- Motion detection is extremely sensitive, makes this feature useless. The camera records all the time when it's on motion detection, no matter if there is no visible changes to the scene. It needs to have 3 sensitivity. Low, Medium, High. Right now,

 Those cars are pretty far away.  No dash cam is going to capture those plates.  You said this is when your car is parked?  That is actually a pretty good photo since the only light around seems to be that street light far off in the distance.  Most dash camera would be lucky to pick up that much light.  This is thanks to the Sony sensor.  Noise is to be expected under those conditions unfortunately.  However, Viofo is still working on the firmware, so I'm sure some improvement will happen.

As far as the motion detection goes, your correct, it's too sensitive.  Some like it this way though.  Even changes in light can trigger the camera, so parking the car outside will probably result in a continuous recording.  Hopefully Viofo will be able to offer different sensitivity settings in a future firmware update.

The car in front is about 15m away which is not far away. Also there is a street light just behind my car. I'm happy with the night vision on VIOFO but when driving at night with speed below 40km/h you won't be able to read the plate number. unless the car is driving in the same direction. When I pause the video it's very blurry. I think the shutter speed is around 1/30sec at best (which should be 60fps and more to get a clear footage).

Also there is this weird hum noise in the footage:

Common rule is that shutter speed should be twice as fast as the frame per second.

60fps needs a shutter speed around 1/100 to 1/120.

I understand that most dash cams fail to meet this rule but if I find any clean night footage from any dash cam I'd definitely consider to buy that dash cam if the price is reasonable.

@sk80au - any luck finding better ? i am choosing dash cam at this moment... and so far a119s is best

15 meters (50ft) is pretty far for a dash camera to pick up a plate.  Add movement from either car and it will be almost impossible.  This is true for any dash camera available today.
The hum you hear is probably some interference.  Are you using the car adapter and long USB cable that came with the camera or did you hardwire the camera?  Is the camera mounted close to a rain sensor or another electronic device?


Looks like there is a new firmware for A119S. I'll test the cam with the new firmware and report the results. 



Excessive sharpening and contrast in new firmware destroys the IQ a lot. Stay with your old firmware.

See attached image.

UPDATE: The new firmware has improved the night time footage. The daytime however, looks over sharpened. In general, I 'm happy with it but I miss the natural looking footage of daytime from original firmware.

I wish VIOFO could also add custom settings over ISO control, sharpening and saturation control, as well as motion detection sensitivity.

There seems to be no question that the V.2 upgrade provides better IQ. I cannot comprehend that you believe that the initial firmware version is a plus in any way.


In regard to the 'noise', that sounds like it is from the vehicle alternator or some source of interference from the electronic components, i.e > 'radio": of the vehicle. After watching the video, I noticed you are in an underground garage which presents a variety of issues. Is the noise present in an open area, such as a highway? If so, try splicing a radio capacitor inline. My past history includes working as a radio technician, servicing many dealerships as a troubleshooter. Would be interested in a reply.

*Supplementary: Time stamp on video is incorrect. September 2017 has not yet arrived.

It's not in American format, so date is correct.

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