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Firmware for A119S

Does the firmware upgrade for the A119 also work for the A119S? or will there be separate firmware releases for the A119S.


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No.  They are separate.


No. Fought with it by accident and it won't even load. After realizing the file name was different, the correct FW V1.4 for A119S worked fine. Doh.

My computer, (Windows 7) does not recognize the camera as a folder. What have you done so it will show up as a folder to place the new firmware into?

The new firmware must be placed on the SD card first. It should be in the root directory and should be a single version of the software--No other firmware versions on the card. My Win7 machine has a card reader so this process is simple. I copied the FW from my PC to card then inserted the card back into the camera. When the camera is plugged into a PC via the USB cable, the camera will install the new firmware from the SD card. This process takes several minutes. When complete, the camera enters the file status mode.

If you've plugged the camera in with the USB cable without any FW present on the SD card, the camera enters file status mode on its own. You should be able copy the FW to the card at that point. When the copy has completed, you will need to disconnect the camera, wait a few minutes then reconnect the camera so it will see the FW on startup. Hope this is clearer than mud.

Hi Ken, I did what you said. It made more sense than what the directions said to do. So It looks like the "REC" button is constantly flashing and the screen shows "MassStorage". It's been this way for 15 minutes. I've never seen the "file status mode", does that mean the camera will turn on and be ready for use? Thanks!

It's been a while since I updated mine but the "Mass Storage" message is the file status mode. (I couldn't remember the exact phrase.) Sorry for the confusion. If that came up right away, then there must not be new FW on the SD card, there's multiples or it's not in the root directory. The key word is "new". Check the FW version on the camera as well as the spelling of the NEW FW file. The camera will not load duplicate FW versions.

When the FW is loading, the camera screen may blink or go black. I recall one of the light flashing but don't recall which.

Don't use the computers USB port to update the firmware.  Use a USB wall charger.  Copy the firmware to the SD card using a card reader (you can copy the firmware over to the camera while in Mass Storage mode though).  However, if you use the short miniUSB cable during the actual update, the camera will just go into Mass Storage mode and not update.  Use the car USB adapter (in the car) or a USB wall charger while performing the actual update.


Got the camera working with my hard wire kit. For some reason, it didn't save the on-screen data as I set. Like the MPH, GPS data. I see one video where it shows the data and on the rest after I powered it off its done. Does this go away after a power down? Also, Do you need special software to view the GPS data?

When you re-install firmware, your settings default.  I highly recommend that you go into the settings and manually default the cameras settings.  You will lose your settings again, but doing this could/will help with potential old firmware issues that linger in with the new firmware.  Better safe than sorry. 
The only software that will play the GPS data at the moment is DashCamViewer.


So after you set the look you want, do you tell the camera to save it as a default?

Not sure what you mean.  Your settings will hold once you set them.  Just be sure to press the ! button to confirm your setting change each time.  Don't just highlight a setting, then press the menu button.  The setting won't hold that way.  You need to confirm by pressing the ! button.  Before you setup your settings in the camera again, be sure that you have gone into the menu and manually defaulted the camera back to the firmware's default values (if you haven't done so already).


OK, I just set it to default and then made all my settings again. I'll take it for a ride later today and see if they are there.

HI David you are right, if we try to update the firmware it go in mass storage status... will be better if somebody will modify the firmware upgrade instructions..bettergo in another way,not insert into the pc but to a phone charger to avoid the mass storage information. BUT is the same after a while  (30 minutes :) ) i disconnected from pc and the upgrade was ok :)

 could you please explain what is the "1. Added: Parking mode feature"?



Apparently with the latest software Ver 2.1 upgrade the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) should definitely be turned on as it has significantly improved performance-

As for the Parking Mode if the camera is permanently powered say with OBD2 connector then the camera powers down and stops recording after a minute or so but will power up and record with movement in front of the camera and rinse repeat accordingly.

Just verified that updating a mates A119S with his usual 64GB Lexar 633x95MB/s Micro SDXC UHS-1 card (Sandisk were flaky and intermittent). Assuming you don't want the existing files on the card anymore and in any case it pays to format the card in the camera monthly or so then you format it in the camera and power off immediately as it must be empty to remove it. Then you can open it via a card reader with your PC and download the update directly to it and remove it safely from the PC and insert it back into the camera and power it up. It will take about a minute to take up the file and then delete it and begin recording as usual. You'll notice 2 distinct intervals of fast winking on the rec button as it does so before solid recording and then you can go to the menu and check the version and then manually go through and setup all your preference settings again manually as they have defaulted- 

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