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Red light reflection on windscreen

I have a red light reflection on the windscreen which could be from the camera as it looks red when you look closely into the lens. When in operation it moves across the screen in sunlight. When not in the sun it's fine.It makes no difference with the A119 CPL filter or not.There are no other instruments near it. Any suggestions appreciated.

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I had that red dot also. I cleaned the cpl filter and the dashcam lens and now the red dot seems to be gone. It may also be the angle of the sunlight thats is reflecting off from the inner lens. Try repositioning the lens. It may werk.

Can you share the video, this maybe the lens glare, exist in most of lens, but every lens have different glare.

confirmed that is a reflection from the lens itself, clearly revealed in my
A119 vs A119S Comparison video

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