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Do i need a 32GB card or can i use a 64GB card to update Firmware? Longer power cable question also

I just ordered a 64GB Samsung EVO Micro SD card along with my camera. I'm confused as if i can update the firmware with the 64GB? I read on Viofo's website it can only be done with a 32GB. Or did i mis understand it? Also if the Power cable that came with this is not long enough can i add an adapter and another cable to make it longer or buy another cable that will not effect quality? Thanks!

I updated the new 1.2 firmware on A119S dash camera with 64GB micro sd card without problem.
Just remember to format your sd card in the camera before You'll start. 


Glad to hear that---thanks


Thanks. Worked fine with mine and did not have any problems updating to the new firmware for the A119S. The power cable was also long enough to hide and run all the way from my windshield to back seat cigarette lighter  



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I used a 64gb Lexar and had no issues.  I am also confused on what is the max size of what we can use on the a119s.  I have read 64 and I have read 128 online.  Anyone know what is correct.

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