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Accessing menu on A119S

Hello, I'm a new user of this device and placed it behind my mirror as recommended up in the darker area of the windsheid to be less noticable to thieves etc. Now the problem is I bought the GPS along with it and have been reading to get the date and time right without updating everytime you turn it on you need the GPS unit. Well this is now stuck on the windshield behind the mirror making the buttons very hard to access to update the menu. What would I need to do to access the menu other then behind a mirror?...Any suggestions?


set the time when starting but when i download to the computer the date and time are wrong, what am i doing wrong?

Are they resetting to the same date and time every time, or is only off by a day or a few hours?


The camera should remember the time and date without the GPS.  The GPS will keep it accurate though.  Why don't you either move the camera or take it off the mount to access the menu?


I have tried changing the date and time in the cam menu by itself, it keeps reverting back to an old date and time, for example I would change it to the 25th of Feb, it reverts back immediately once I leave the menu and go to video to the 23rd of Feb. The time was wrong as well. I could move the camera but that isn't the recommendation when installing it, This way if you are using your wipers in rain the camera has a better view if centered. I will try again later by just going straight from the camera to the power and bypass the GPS, and maybe if possible just turn off the date and time altogether. Not sure if that's really necessary to have on anyway if there was a situation. But accessing the menu should be possible from a computer or the car.

Okay, I think I figured it out, all is fine now.

When changing the time and date, make sure to go through all the steps and press OK when your done.  If you press the menu button after changing the date and time without pressing OK (! button), I think it just reverts back to the old date and time.


Yes, the last part where it you choose the format for dd/yy/mt screwed it up, I hit the ok or emergency button and it saved it finally.

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