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A119 blinking and restarting when in higher resolutions

If I try to record in 1920x1080p @ 60fps or higher resolutions, the screen starts to blink for few seconds, then the camera reboots. 

Have already changed the power source for a stronger one, but the problem remains. 

updated from Firm 1.0 to 2.0 and it didn't change. 

Anybody knows what might be happening? Maybe something related to the microSD?

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Are you using the GPS mount?  If so, plug the power directly into the camera.


I tryed that and tryed also another cable. It seems to be some internal bad contact. It's worse day after day. I bought it on Aliexpress 2016-12-26. Is there any warranty directly from the maker? Because there is no longer from the seller

This doesn't happen on resolutions lower than 1080p at 60fps?

You'll have to open a ticket with Viofo and see what they say.  Warranty is generally through the seller with these.  Your seller won't honor the warranty?


Hi, now it's happening with any resolution. It's getting worse day after day

Have you tried another card yet?  That would be the next thing to do.


no, I'll try that to be sure.thanks for the tip

Hi there, I had the same problem before and when I realize it was a power source issue. So please make sure you use the cigarette car charger adapter which comes with the box not the USB port in the car. 

Testing now another power source and cable to see what happends.

I have the same rebooting/restarting problem with mine, tried direct bypassing gps mount and connecting power to A119 same results.  It worked for 3 months before this started happening. Also checked SD card and its no longer recording with this condition.

Try using a USB charger (phone charger) and see if it still does it. Sounds like a power issue. Try a different cable as well.

will try that.  I will try running through the GPS first as that is the way it's supposed to work.

The problem is related to power. 

I solved using a stronger power source (2A) and a shorter cable to reduce loses since the original is too long.


in time, you can keep power connection through GPS base.

Tried for 1 day- no rebooting, good so far.  See if it happens when the weather gets hot.

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