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Dashcam A119S Video damaged

Hello I own the dashcam A119s. When I come home and the car make then the last video file is always damaged and not playable at the pc. On the Dashcam I can play them however. Could you please help me? Thank you very much

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Possible that you have a bad capacitor.  Might want to open it up and see.  If it's bad, it will be bulging on the bottom.


same here, last files not saved. 

However i've tested on a battery power pack for few minutes (GPS + Dash) and it works. Put back to car and test it for about 15 mins, with different setting, res, loop, etc. it works. 

Today went to work (40 mins drive) and the last file not playable. I don't really know what causes it as I've tested correctly with and without GPS module they both work by recording last file. 

I have a feeling it might be the power output not have enough power as i am charging my phone as well at the other end.

Will test it again on my journey back home. 

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