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Can't format disk completely because files are "Write Protected"

How can I format files that have been "write protected?  My 119S dashcam isn't recording the correct date anymore since I tried to format the micro sd disk and get rid of the write protected files.  Some files are being saved on the disk as "Write Protected" and every new file has the same date as the files that are "Write Protected".  I don't want those write protected files and I have turned the G-sensor off now.  How do I get rid of those write protected files?  I hope they are not going to be on my sd card forever.

Your card is probably the issue.

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Yes it was the Lexar 128gb card 633x blue one that was defective.  I sent it back to Lexar and they are sending me a new one for free or they repair it if there is nothing wrong with it.  In the meantime I bought the Lexar 64gb 1000x brown one, so now I will have two cards.  VIOFO said they recommend the Transcend or Samsung cards.  I read on a website forum that Samsung warranty is no good if you use their cards in a dash cam.  I don't know if its true or not, but if I was interested in a Samsung card I would look into that.  Lexar is giving me a new card, but it did cost me for insurance and postage to send the card back $17.  I couldn't find a Transcend card in town and that is why I went with Lexar.

I have been hearing a lot about issues with Lexar cards as of late.  Might want to avoid them for now.


Well I did buy another Lexar while the first one was being returned, only because it had the usb card reader with it and none of the other brands had it that I could find.  So far the second Lexar card I bought is working and the first one was replaced lickity split.  I am happy other than having to return the first card and it costing me a lot more (cost of second card while the first was being replaced and the cost of postage and insurance to return the first card).  Oh well, I got the usb reader with them and thats what I wanted.

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