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A119S loses all settings when powered off.

I have a new A119S (firmware A119S_170222_V1.2). I enter all of my setting in the menu including things like Frequency, Time Zone, Screen Saver, WDR, Speed Unit…etc. When I turn off my car, power is no longer available to the camera so it shuts off. When I repower the camera, it has lost all setting with the exception of Date/Time. I hope this is not expected behavior as I do not think having to re-enter my desired settings everytime I turm my car on is very convenient.

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Make sure you are pressing the OK button (! Button) after changing each setting. If you change the setting then press menu, you will loose your setting. Also, did you update to v1.2 or did the A119S come with it already. If you installed it, did you default your settings in the menu after the update? Do so if you did not.

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I have the same issue.  

I have a new A119S, and it seems to be working well enough.  However, when I change any settings, they are not being maintained after I remove the power.  Resolution, G-Sensor sensitivity, beep preferences, etc.  They are all find until I cut the power.  But when I return, they are no longer their.

I have upgraded to the latest firmware.  And I have done a settings reset.  Neither made much of a difference.

My process is to:

  1. Stop Recording
  2. Press Menu to enter the settings
  3. Change the preferred setting
  4. Commit the change by pressing !
  5. When done, press MENU again to go back to recording mode.
At this point, the new setting seems to be working.  But once I cut the power (turn off the vehicle) the settings are lost.

Any thoughts?

For such issue, first please try to reload the firmware, and reset it to default settings.

Second try to power on the camera from side USB port.

If above steps can not solve the issue, please check if the LED will be immediately off after unplug the charger.

view my SETUP video for steps on saving settings correctly

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