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A119S loses all settings when powered off.

I have a new A119S (firmware A119S_170222_V1.2). I enter all of my setting in the menu including things like Frequency, Time Zone, Screen Saver, WDR, Speed Unit…etc. When I turn off my car, power is no longer available to the camera so it shuts off. When I repower the camera, it has lost all setting with the exception of Date/Time. I hope this is not expected behavior as I do not think having to re-enter my desired settings everytime I turm my car on is very convenient.

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I have the same camera which I have had for about a year. It has been great up until the last couple of months. The time is always 4 hours ahead; the speed is out by 5 to 6km and the collision alarms will go off without any cars close to me. I have upastws updated the software in a hope that would make a difference but the issues remain the same Any suggestions?
Nac, make sure your time zone setting is correct.  Take daylight savings into affect.  Speed readings are not calibrated, so don't expect an exact match to your cars speedometer.  Plus there will always be a delay from when you start to slow down or speed up and what the GPS says.  It's not instant.


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