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A119 stops recording after about 23 minutes

I'd like to report a problem i recently encountered:

When i first tested the camera on 1080p to use it with Dash Cam Viewer, the A119 would create videofiles of 25 minutes each. It would stop and start recording out of itsself; no problem.

When i drive and record on 1440 resolution, it stops around 23 minutes every time and then keeps bleeping notifying me it stopped recording. I have to click record while driving to make a new file. 

This is very weird an annoying that it cannot record longer than 23 minutes in 1440 and i have to continue recording manually.

my sd card is the transcend card recommended by Car Cam Central. I checked and it's never full. Problem is still there even after formatting. Loop recording is off because i want to log my full drives. I have the most recent 2.2 firmware update.

G shock and all other options are turned off, so it just simply records in 1440.

Wondering what the problem is... 

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You need to turn looping on. It a size limitation with all memory cards. Looping will still record your whole drive. You'll just need to piece them together.
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