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Theft Deterent Feature

1) Feature is optional - user enable the Theft Deterent feature at OWN RISK. This means the device is useless if owner forgets password.

2) When the feature is enable, user enters a password into the device. This password is then encrypted (via formatting) onto the SD card. When power up, the device won't start if the password in the SD card and the device is not matched. Device does not accept any other SD card without the correct password.

3) Device beeps to ask owner to enter the password at certain time intervals: weeks or months (selected by owner). Device is NOT usable if owner forgets the password. You got to sell more dashcams because of careless owners. I maybe the victim too. ☺

4) No firmware upgrade or reloaded will disable disable the password in the device. No any other way to bypass the password enabled device.

5) Manual resetting of date or time will require the password. Time and date adjusted by the GPS unit is ok.

This means that if the device is stolen, it is useless after a certain time period.

* Send me two of your top of the line dashcams if you implement my idea ☺

* I reserve the rights to this theft deterent idea.

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To me the most important aspect to protect is the data.  It would be good if the data is encrypted in some way and it requires the right password to access it.  Otherwise if the dashcam is stole, the thief can access where I have travelled, including my house.

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