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Don’t turn the screen when Motion Detected

Now, (latest FW) when motion detection is ON and screen saver enabled the screen is turned on every time even when slightest motion is detected, which makes the camera very conspicuous and easily noticeable, especially at night.

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The effect is the worst when there is only so much motion to turn the screen on but not enough to initiate recording. In that case the screen stays enabled forever. This seems to me as definite BUG.

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Did you default your settings after the firmware update?  Are you running the A119 or A119S?


After your question I’ve tried the factory reset and the result is the same. I’ve both A119 and A199s, but I’ve realized that on A119S M.D. doesn’t work at all. When the recording stops because of no motion, the image brightness falters which is detected as a motion and recording starts again. It’s a question if this is a SW or HW bug. It seams to me rather like a HW bug when a voltage falters when a power consumption changes.

Initially, the screen saver light would trigger the MD mode to turn ON making the MD mode useless as it would record constantly as if in Normal Mode. So this is how I got my unit to werk on MD mode. After setting the motion detection to ON & setting yur screen saver to how ever long u want it to remain on (1 min for me), then format yur sd card and then turn the dashcam off by holding down the power button until it shuts off. Then turn it back on & it will automatically begin to record in motion detect mode. The first file will be about a minute long and then the camera will pause/stop recording with rapid red light flashing constantly. When it detects motion which will record as the second file, the rapidly flashing red light will remain constantly on. The second file will record about 60-75 seconds depending on how long a motion is being detected/recorded. It will record x number of files when it detects x number of motion. The first file is always the pre-setup file so it will record whatever is in view for about 1 minute. I would say that the MD MODE is set to low/ low medium sensitivity. My firmware is the original V1.01. You should not update firmware unless there is an existing issue and the new update has a fix for it. And of course, remember to turn MD mode off and then power down dashcam then turn back ON to begin Normal Recording Mode. The power shut down after making a setting change initializes the dashcam to use the new settings. Goodluck! I hope it works for you all.

This will be fixed in next firmware.

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This issue is still outstanding, I have just upgraded my firmware from v1.5 to v1.7 on both my A119S and the screen stays on after the camera starts recording in Motion Detection mode. I have tried setting the screen saver at varying times, but the screen still stays on.

Could you please advise when a fix is available?

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Did you default your settings in the menu after updating?


After updating to v1.7, I found that it had automatically defaulted all the settings.
Most will default to the new firmware defaults, but sometimes leftover settings from the previous firmware linger.  It's always best to default you settings in the menu after updating the firmware. 


I only changed 3 settings and they all defaulted to factory, the cam is only 3 days old and I solely bought it for its motion detection mode when the car is parked. I also bought 2 of them for front and rear, so I'm a bit disappointed so far after reading all the good reviews on it.
The second cam I didn't touch the settings and was upgraded to v1.7 straight away, and I tested both Cam's motion detection abilities, same result for both.
What I would like to see is to not have the screen turn on at all when motion detection recording is activated. But you can make the screen turn on when you press one of the buttons, and it will turn off again according to whatever the screen saver setting is set to.
Default settings can change between firmware versions.  Values can and will change as firmware is improved.  Always possible that a previous value gets left behind, for whatever reason, messing with the current firmware values.  Certainly not implying that this is your issue, but always good to start with a fresh, manual default of settings after a firmware update.
Motion Detection has never been a strong quality on the A119/A119S.  I'm surprised you read good reviews about it's motion detection.  They are, however, trying to improve it.  There is a beta firmware for the A119 with an actual Parking Mode.  If this beta works out well, they will release a version with Parking Mode for the A119S as well.  This should be more of what your looking for. 


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