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Hardwire Kit

 Has anyone successfully hardwired their camera?

I used a hardwire kit (after great effort in locating and acccesing fuses) using a 'piggyback' fuse kit, but it failed miserably.

The camera would constantly power cycle and not even initiate a recording. After changing to using the supplied USB cable from a cigarette lighter adapter, it now records properley (except when I get 'Memory Error').

I wanted to hardwire, as it would make the installation very discrete - it was not for motion detection/continuous recording.

I also understand there have been issues with the device keeping date/time settings, a hardwire kit would negate these issues by supplying constant power.

GPS would do this also, but I want to disable this feature (although I am using the mount), as I only want date/time information displayed/logged, due to not accidentally self incriminating when footage needs to be submitted for evidence.

If anyone has successfully hardwired, what kit was used?

I suspect that the kit I used was not sending out enough power - despite having the correct output amperage and a lot of good feedback from buyers from a reputable online store (think South American river).

I do not want to have to try out different kits and keep sending back/exchanging etc. I would like something that works correctly as advertised - especially after the effort of having most of the front trim/glovebox of my car removed just to install the device (think German blue/white badged car manufacturer)

Thanks in advance.

Your kit is probably flaky (or it not wired correctly), but I would also try powering directly into the camera, not through the GPS mount.  GPS will still function this way.  There have been some issues with some of the GPS mounts causing restarts and flickering screens due to power fluctuations. 


Agree that it was probably a flaky bit of kit - as for wiring, two wires - red and black (wire it wrong, and it would have fried the unit or popped the fuse)
Would like to know if anyone has hardwired with satisfactory resuts and what kit was used, as experimenting is impractical due to trim/airbag cover removal. it takes a fair bit of time to ensure the car trim is removed carefully and re-instated not to mention threading the wire upto the rear view mirror - blah, blah   :o)
Will give the powering from the camera directly as opposed to through the GPS mount a go, more than likely will need to get a 90 degree mini USB adapter.

Cheers for taking the time to reply.


 Thanks for the advice - wiring directly into the device, rather than the GPS mount, the device is now working. It also appears to have resolved the 'memory error' I was getting (all detailed under a different topic section (Memory Error))
hopefully it will now work as designed.


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