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Hot weather file not save

Malaysia weather is hot & sunny. After parked the car on a hot & sunny day, I notice the first file (3 minutes) is save with an error and can't be read or view. Thereafter all the video files are OK. I currently wire my power supply through the A119S camera and not the GPS unit as after hot sunny day, the fitting between camera & GPS unit is loss. It still works (GPS coordinates, speed, time & date all OK).


I having A119 when I wire my power supply through the camera instead of GPS, it show the GPS icon signal but the speed was not function on the screen. Do you have same prob?

Not sure about A119 but I can confirm A119s works when wire via camera slot.

Even the speedometer on screen will function "Showing Green and moving?

Yes, it works. Dash cam viewer also display speed and location (map)
For any file that appears corrupt, try playing it back on the dash camera.  If the camera plays it, then try on your computer.  Camera will fix most corrupt files.
Not sure why only your first file would be corrupt, but maybe try another memory card.


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@CaptureYourAction thanks and I have reformatted the card and so far I have not seen any file with errors. Will follow your advise when I happened to come across error files.
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