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119 vs 119S

I am trying to make a final decision here. I've tested both models. It's hard. 

119 overperforms 119S in daylight because it has a much better balance of contrast-light-saturation, the 119S has excessive contrast/saturation though it makes the image sharper at times but it goes overboard. 119 feels like a movie and 199S more like a super vivid color live TV. At night, 119S has more exposure in 15-30%, you can see more of the road, even a bright cloudy sky - it deals better w/ glare, it is also true color to LED headlights.

The ideal combination would be 119 performance at daytime w/ 119S performance for night time.

Someone has tips on how to make 119S performance to be a little less saturated and less sharp?

Keep in mind that Viofo is still tweaking the firmware for both cameras trying to get the best image quality out of both cameras.  The A119 has had a head start.  There will be further improvements for both cameras.


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Ok, that makes sense. So you recommend I hold to the A119S?
If you do a lot of night driving and value the night quality over day quality, then yes.  My comment, however, was just to point out that how the cameras perform now will be different once the firmware gets fine tuned.  I expect both to be improved upon little by little as they work on them.


You don't specify any of the actual settings you used during your tests. Options like WDR, Resolution and Exposure can be set to various combination of values to achieve the look you want but I've never heard of anyone complain that the video is too sharp. :)

FYI - There's a new 2.0 version of the A119S that improves the contacts on the camera and GPS module. It's said to eliminate the power cutout problem on earlier models. Watch for that while shopping. 

It doesn't matter the config, I tried them all, this isn't a dumb customer speaking. If you are are questioning my whole statement, included that no one found it to be too sharp, you wont understand the problem - have you even spend 5min reading people's comments to say that? The problem here is the new firmware. I installed the older one and improved the balance a lot.

Glad you were able to find some improvement. Perhaps I'm dumb. Mine is just a $100 dash cam. I don't try to make motion pictures with it. I jump in the car, hit the windshield washer button and off I go.

Buy from , German brand iTracker upps the quality for German market. It's because of strict warranty laws and return policy. You can update with the firmware provided from this site.

If Amazon doesn't ship, you could try . They will have those cams in stock soon.

I forgot. Most shit happens at night ! In daylight both will catch license plates.

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