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GPS & A119S mount loss fit

After driving in the hot sun in Malaysia, the good tide fit between GPS mount & the A119S camera bacame loss and must power from the camera unit as if one power from the GPS, power supply is not consistent and if you press the camera against the GPS, it will power up but for s short while. Hopefully new models could have a solution to resolve it.

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I have a similar problem.

Not due to heat (I live in the Netherlands and it is still the beginning of spring), but the GPS mount does not connect to the camera as tight as it was before.

With the least amount of vibration, the connection between the GPS and the camera is lost, resulting in corrupt video. Also the display shows flickering and the camera starts restarting over and over again.

With the camera moved into a very specific orientation, the power is restored again.

A few days ago, a new GPS-mount arrived (ordered online via Amazon) and this new mount feels like the old one was, two months ago.

I will mount the new GPS mount later this week and hope it will keep working longer.

I have (2) A119S cameras. I've only had them for a month and they are both having the same issue. The camera does not securely lock into the gps mount like it did only 4 weeks ago. It's still been cold here, so the heat isn't causing this issue. With the camera not securely locked into the gps mount, the camera loses connection and resets often while driving, causing recording issues as well from the camera losing power. This is a problem that needs to be fixed with the gps mount.
I read from fee dash cam forum and some suggested to plug the power cable directly into the camera slot (not recommended by Viofo manual) but it works and I have tested it for 2 days and time, date, GPS coordinates & speed all display with no issues. Someone also recommended to use heat resistance tape to take up the space between the GSP mount and camera. His video shows it works very well. May try that sometime later.

I used the mini-USB connector on the camera itself for 2 days and the camera records fine now and when pressed onto the GPS-mount, the GPS also works.

But as when the camera was powered via de GPS, it looses connection every now and then resulting in "NoGPS" in the screen, or the speed shown in red.

When positioned in such a way it keeps connected, the GPS works fine.

Perhaps a mini-USB splitter would work, as long as the data-pins stay connected.

I will mount the new GPS-mount this weekend and hope it will keep working longer than the first one.

I only took the camera off the mount a few times, to read the SD-card.

Same problem here.

Mine was working fine for two months. Always plugged onto GPS-mount. Last two weeks rebooting continuously.

Until yesterday, when it starts smell electronics burned when powered on.

I taped a strip of self-adhesive Velcro (the soft part, ~8mm*25mm) onto the GPS receiver.
Seems to solve the loose fit problem.

The loose mount issue is shown in my video along with simple solution. Read all the comments for other ways to stabilize the poorly designed mounting system.
GPS Mount Modification A119/S


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I have the same issue with the gps mount. the camera is very loose and you can wooble it in the mount quiet a bit. during driving the cam loses power an starts over and over again.

i would recommend everbody who uses the mount to turn the sounds in the menu on to detect this problem early on and not after the time you need the video to find out that it's corrut or missing.

the problem started this winter. must be due to the cheap plastic the mount consists of.

kind regard and thanks for the tips 

If you use the supplied eva foam between, the camera and mount, this should stop loose fit of the mount.

Yes, apply the supplied black EVA foam pads to the back of the camera.  If you do not have them, ask your seller if they can send you some.


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