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step by step to format 64gb sd card using windows xp

 I am not computer savvy. Viofo's instructions to format the sd card aren't clear. Can anyone walk me thru this?? I have a 64gb min sd card. Thanks.

You need to download Viofo's formatting software. Save this to the desktop, it will be names "guiformat2".

Install the card in a computer card reader or use one connected to a USB port, (you may need to use a SD to Micro adapter), note the drive letter when it loads. Double click on the desktop icon for the formatting software. It will identify various drives, select the one that has the card installed.  Be careful NOT to click any other drive, because all data will be lost during formatting.

Uncheck the "Quick Format" box; do not use the quick format and click "start". Formatting takes about an hour for 32 Gb.  Remove the card once complete and install in the dash cam - job done. There should not be any need to format the card in the dash cam.

Using Windows XP. It will not read the format program. Can I download a free card reader to do this? Tried one but it only displayed programming language.

You can always try the format tool built into XP.  Load the card into a reader and in windows explorer right click on the drive letter for the card - make sure it is the card because all data will be lost when you format.

Uncheck the "quick format" box and press "start".

 I just use the format routine built into the A119. Takes about 2 seconds, so I think it is a "quick format" rather than the full format (but what do I know...)

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