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64gb sd card okay to use? Viofo say 32gb is max

 64gd card okay??

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To clarify anything, I recently purchased a September V2 A119 and have formatted a Samsung EVO + 64GB microsd card. All are working perfectly. 

128GB Lexar 633x works fine in mine but in hindsight it's probably better to  get 2 x 64GB cards and have a spare in the event the card in the cam recorded some important footage.

The VIOFO A119 & A119S Dash Cams support 8GB to 64GB and some 128GB microSD cards. The SDXC 64GB & 128GB cards are pre-installed with exFAT format structure and must be reformatted to FAT32 for dashcam use. The normal procedure requires a computer to format the memory cards, especially if the dashcam can't detect the card. However all compatible MicroSDXC Cards can be initially formatted inside the A119 & A119S dashcams. Never use SanDisk Ultra in Dashcams!

short video on how to format 64GB or 128GB inside the dashcam.

I am using a SanDisk Ultra 32Gb in a A119S V2 and it seems to work okay.

Would your advice be to change it?

Yes, I would buy another card. Transcend cards work well as do the Samsung EVO Select cards (green and white).

If it works fine then use it but should you experience problems that would be the first thing to change for one of the preferred cards. 

I had some problems with 64gb cards, but 16 and 32 were working fine. 

Then i saw what the difference was regarding formatting 16 or 32 and 64 gb cards.

The 64 gb cards are formatted with 32kb the other ones 16kb.

So i formatted the 64 card with 16kb and .............. perfectly usable.

It's important to understand the need for quality cards as explained here-

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