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A119 + GPS module last file not saved properly (Corrupted)

Hi all,

Recently I purchased A119 + GPS module and installed on my car with cigarettes power. 

In the last 2 days i've been testing it and found out the last file (video) always not playable or corrupted. 

The test I've done are as follows;

Dash plus GPS

1. Setting to 3 mins - not working

2. Res to 1080p 30f and 60f - not working

3. 50hz and 60hz - not working

Only Dash (No GPS Module)

1. setting to 3 mins - working

2. res to 1080p - working

3. 50hz and 60 hz - working.

and also by looking at the LED light when I switch off the car engine, the red light disappear straight away. If it properly record & save the last file, it will blink once and stay red for another 2 - 3 seconds after the engine switch off.

I take the Dash back to room and test with USB power bank and surprise it work both with GPS and Without GPS. I now confused why it suddenly working and today my journey to work took 40 mins and last file not saved. 

I appreciate if anyone can guide me through or share your experiences with this last files not saving. I've browse on the forum and seen some user also had the same issues and i've tried all the method i can find in the forum. 

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