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I am using A119s and I really love this dashcam for the value for money that I am getting. 

Can someone who has used this device since long, can suggest an ideal/best video setting?

I stay in India.



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I use the 1920x1080x60fps mode and can safely store 7 hours of video on a 64GB memory card.

mee too. Check also exposure settings and install CPL filter. be careful with the hour settings (a little bit tricky with)

Unfortunately, that does not apply to me. Bad image. Settings: 1920x1080P 60fps, CPL filter installed

I got a G1WS v1.1_0119, my guess is that this is NOT the same as the A119?
This one stopped recording when the 64 gig SD card filled and when I almost got into a fender bender on 9/16, I saw that it stopped recording on the 13th. I'm sure this could be fixed with a firmware patch. This is the 2nd G1Ws I got that does this. the 1st one got returned for replacement. If it fails to record when it's plugged in and turned ON - what good is it? i could band-aid it by clearing or reformatting the SD card every few day- but that's not something i should have to do, Oh loop = 3 minutes- HELP


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