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viofo a119s TROUBLE

Hi all,

I have buy 1 month ago a new A119s camera and today i realize that it simply start, showing VIOFO logo and doing nothing. I try to reset, to change the SD card, to use without GPS module,and still nothing. Only VIOFO logo :(

How are you powering the camera?  Don't use your computer USB or car USB ports.  They may not have enough power to run camera.


There is a software upgrade that corrects this. I did mine today and it's fixed.
I have the same problem. Logo only displays. Only on/off button works. How can you install software/firmware update with no operable buttons???
Copy the firmware (.bin file) to the memory card, then place it in the camera and start it. Use a USB wall charger (phone charger) or the USB car adapter to power it during the update. Update will start automatically. Be sure to manually default the cameras settings after the update.
I have the new firmware on an sd card, When I insert the sd card into the camera and switch the camera on, the rec/left button lights and then the VIOFO logo is displayed. Nothing else happens and only the on/off button works. I have tried this with different sd cards and cables.

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Is the firmware in the root directory of the card (not in any folders)?  Are you sure you have the correct firmware?  The A119S will only recognize firmware labeled FWA119S.bin.


It is the correct firmware. It was downloaded from the VIOFO site to a new sd card formated to fat32. A rectangle imprinted with a question mark with fw119s.bin was downloaded. I don't understand the root directory of the card, apologies. Photo attached

 I don't know why it has a ? on it.  Are you using a MAC or PC?

I am using a 12" Toshiba pc while away from home .It has been giving problems and I will be home later today and try on my main pc
I have recommissioned my old computer and was successful in being able to download and transfer the firmware to the sd card once I used the short usb cable. Everything seems to be working ò.k. Thanks for your help. Raymond Clarke Zoo firredients
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