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A119S not keeping settings

I have a new A119S, and it seems to be working well enough.  However, when I change any settings, they are not being maintained after I remove the power.  Resolution, G-Sensor sensitivity, beep preferences, etc.  They are all find until I cut the power.  But when I return, they are no longer their.

I have upgraded to the latest firmware.  And I have done a settings reset.  Neither made much of a difference.

My process is to:

Stop RecordingPress Menu to enter the settingsChange the preferred settingCommit the change by pressing !When done, press MENU again to go back to recording mode.

At this point, the new setting seems to be working.  But once I cut the power (turn off the vehicle) the settings are lost.

Any thoughts?

I cannot change settings

Could be a hardware fault.  Are you using the GPS mount?  If so, try powering it through the camera itself.


I am not using the GPS mount.

I had the same problem myself, but it fixed itself after a few drives and now it keep the settings!
Mika, sounds like the RTC battery in your camera was not charged enough when you bought the camera.  This battery holds the time and date.  All other settings are stored via internal memory.  By powering the camera over a period of time, this will recharge the RTC battery.  Glad it's working.


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