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Viofo A119S Setup Settings

Being a new owner of a A119S and after reading the short manual I need to ask the experienced users a few questions on the A119S. Thank you

1. Does the A119S need to be powered up in the vehicle all the time to maintain its settings? 

2. It would be nice to understand how this unit maintains setting when not attached to any power.

3. The settings must be done while the unit is attached the vehicle power source.
Any time the power is removed such as removing the camera from the car the settings are lost.
Is this correct?

4. Is the default settings satisfactory for most users?

5. What setting have you changed and why?

I figure this is enough questions for now and want to thank all that will answer some of my questions.


 1. No, the unit does not need to be powered up all the time. It remembers what the settings are after power is removed.

2. There are several ways to retain settings after power is removed. If there weren't, no computer would be able to boot up after being switched off. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which method the A119 uses but I assume it would be non-volatile memory of some kind. Sorry...

3. Again, the settings are not lost when you remove the dashcam from the vehicle.

4. Yes, the default settings are okay for most users.

5. Go through the settings on your A119. You have to decide what is best for you. For example, if you are using the GPS module, then you must turn it on in the A119's settings.

I am losing all my reset settings. It will go back to previous the previous settings as soon as I am finished.

Most settings are stored in an internal ROM.  The date and time are kept via a small RTC battery.  Did you update the A119S?  If you did, did you default your settings in the menu?  When changing your settings, be sure to press the OK button (! button) after each setting change.  Are you losing all your settings or just time and date?
If you are still losing all your settings, it could be a hardware fault.


When I attempt to change the settings the settings stays the same

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