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Viofo A119S - What type and size memory card you using?

I have done some research and found that all memory cards are not created equal.
The ones that we need to use on Dash Camera should have a high endurance as they will be rewrite many times over and over.

I have been looking at:

Lexar High Endurance Class 10,  32GB and 64GB cards ($22 and $37)

Lexar 633X Class 10,  32GB and 64GB cards ($15 and $25)

Transcend High Endurance Class 10, 32GB and 54GB cards. ( $48 and $60)

My question to all experienced users is ...

What size and type card do you use that has not failed you?

Thank you

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This is what I decided to buy.

I bought two of them so I can swap out if I want.

Lexar High Endurance Class 10,  32GB

VIOFO does not offer a manual on their site for the A119S. I am not able to find a manual for the A119s on line. The quick start guide that comes with the dash cam does not have a lot of technical information i'e. length of time each size SD card will record at different resolution settings. Does anyone know what length of time a Transcend High Endurance 32gb SDHC card will record on continuous record - with the resolution set on 1920x1080p 60fps and possible other resolution settings? 

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