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Lane departure warning

Hi there people, I have a small problem with LDW and also motion detection which don't seem to be working.  I have the A119S with the latest firmware V1.2.  I have had the dashcam for only 2 weeks and have tried to fix this problem by switching to default settings and then going through the menu step by step....So LDW and MD are switched on but not working correctly.  Any ideas or fixes?


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Mine not worked too. I opened a support ticked here , but the manufacturer suggested me to use another device for utilize those features and closed the ticket . This is very annoying , because I bought this device for this LDW feature.


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Yes these features were certainly a plus for me and one of the reasons I bought the A119S.  Anyone else have the same problem?


Those features only work when the GPS mount is used and resolution is 1080p @ 30 or below.  Will not work with 1080p @ 60.  It's a limitation with the Novatek chip.  Also, when changing the resolution, you need to then change the LDWS setting in the menu.  Once you change the resolution again, those feature default to off.


Thanks for your advice. (I do have the GPS module attached)


I have set my resolution to 1080p@30 fps, but the lane departure warning still does not work. Still I lowered it to 30fps, I now see the red crosshairs in the middle of the screen.

I suggest You to open a support ticket on Viofo's internet site like I did. But my ticket was closed without any solution. This car dvr have several flaws and zero acceptable solutions for it. I'm not going to buy Viofo's products again.
I have heard that LDWS does not work well or not at all with local driving but may on highway were it can possibly make out the lanes

90% of my driving is highway driving. The markings (if they go by that) are very visible. In some cases the lines have just been painted on new blacktop.

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