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A119s suddenly stopped working

My newly bought A119s dash cam suddenly stopped working. I was using with GPS mount and lexar high endurance sd card. Dash cam suddenly stopped working and now viofo screen alone display when connected to USB power cable and nothing recording. Help me out in solving the problem

How can I update the firmware when the camera can't even boot up?

Mine has frozen after only four months. NOT HAPPY with this product. Buttons don't work but screen shows view in front of camera but won't record. Time stamp is frozen, buttons non responsive. Unable to update firmware? Haven't tried hard reset if there is one?
When you update the firmware, be sure to copy the .bin file (firmware) onto the card via a card reader. Then put the card with the firmware on it in the camera and start it. Be sure to manually default the cameras settings after the update.
Hello Thank you for your reply. I have tried this multiple times. Many forums say buttons should flash when firmware updates. Mine does not. After following all instructions to the letter the camera still does not work. Have had no luck to date with updating firmware. My next step was to see if there was a hard reset option? Hopefully to get some response from the camera buttons.
So what happens after you start the camera with .bin file on the memory card?


Absolutely nothing. Buttons still inactive. No flashing of the record or power buttons.
But the screen still turns on correct?  Are you sure your loading the correct firmware?  Firmware will only load when the camera recognized the correct firmware file name.  For the A119S it's FWA119S.bin.

What memory card are you using?  Have you tried a different card?


Yes correct firmware from your site. Using brand new Lexar premium 16gb sd card.
Was the card working fine previously? A few have been having issues with the Lexar lately. I would definitely try another card.
Okay I will try this afternoon and get back to you. Cheers.

I just received my A119S with GPS and I cannot get it to record. I got the card suggested in the manual a class 10 Micro SD card 128gb & formatted it. Updated the firmware, confirmed it was updated, set it to default. Still no record!

Did you format the card in the camera or on your computer?

What card is it?  Brand and model?


Hello Sorry for late reply. I have managed to fix the problem. Thanks for your help. Greg..
Care to share what the issue was?
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