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A119s suddenly stopped working

My newly bought A119s dash cam suddenly stopped working. I was using with GPS mount and lexar high endurance sd card. Dash cam suddenly stopped working and now viofo screen alone display when connected to USB power cable and nothing recording. Help me out in solving the problem

Power the camera with at least a 5V 2amp (2000ma) wall charger as many phone USB chargers output only 500-1500mah. Also you need to make sure the charge cable is good.

Then try updating the software with a 32GB card or less formatted to FAT32  (larger cards use the EXFAT format and the camera will want to reformat them anyway) Then transfer the latest FWA119s.bin software file direct to the root directory of the card ensuring nothing else is stored on it and then install the card in the camera and power it on. It should wink the Record button light in 2 stages to let you know it has updated and then you should be able to go to the Menu and set your settings, etc.

If all that fails to work for you then you likely have a faulty camera.

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