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A119s GPS module constant power disconnect

Hi. I purchased the A119s with gps module a few months back. However recently, it constantly gives a beeping sound and I realised it disconnects power intermittently. It happens frequently. I've tried several times to unplug and re plug into the gps module but still not good. So currently, I connect the power directly to the camera bypassing the gps module and is working ever since. Can you advise if there's anything I can do? It's only a few months old.

Powering directly into the camera is the best and most stable way.  The connection system between the GPS mount and the camera have been an issue and has been revised.  Viofo is also now supplying the A119/A119S cameras with EVA adhesive pads that connect to the back of the camera to form a tight/snug fit between the mount and camera.  This should help with the power issue when powering through the GPS mount.  I would see if you can get some of this EVA foam pad.  Talk to your seller.


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I bought this directly from this website.

Ask them if they would send you the EVA pads. Viofo is good to work with.

will do.

Thanks for the advice.

I have the exact same issue. I bought my cam off ebay. How do I get the pads?
Contact your seller.
I contacted the seller an he wasn't aware of EVA pads… he said he can't provide the pads. I'm going to claim the warranty an return the device for fix.
I'm having the same constant power off issue with the GPS. My unit is two months old now. How do I get a fix for this. Thanks
Power the camera directly.


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Then you loose the intended use of the GPS. Right?
No, GPS will still function.


I'll give it a try. Don't want to break the bank for asking for the EVO foam that apparently has been identified by the vendor to fix the problem. Thanks
The EVA pad should help and possibly solve the issue for some.  Not sure it a guaranty though.  Why not ask you vendor for some?


I did, waiting to get an answer back. I did what they suggested and put paper between the gps and camera. It fixed the problem and if so, they said they would send me the foam.
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