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VIOFO 119s Not recording

 Hi Everybody,

I need to post this issue maybe someone can help, I bought VIOFO 119s yesterday and got it out of the box everything seems perfect so far, I used 64GB SD Card but when i press the record button nothing happen and it's not even blinking, I bought another 16GB SD Card thought this will solve the problem but nothing happen either, I formatted the SD to exFAT, FAT32 and NTFS but no luck, I checked the firmware and looks the latest firmware A119S_170222_V1.2, I suspected that the dashcam is not reading the SD card because when i have files in the SD card and i format from the dashcam it doesn't remove anything.

Please if you ever experienced the same issue let me know.


How did you originally format these cards? In the camera or on the computer? Camera needs fat32 format.
Test the 64GB card by inserting into Dashcam then press MENU and find FORMAT and perform the action on that card. Always format inside the dashcam when possible.


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