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Viofo A119s constantly switches on/off when plugged in to GPS module

Hi, I've been using my viofo a119s over a 6 months now but recently it switches on /off every 20sec or so. I upgraded the firmware to version 1.2 couple of months ago and never had any issues. Also… formatted the SD card a few times. I disconnected the cam from GPS module and the issue rectified. I that a faulty GPS module or lose connection between GPS module and cam? I guess the camera pins aren't making proper contact to gps. Help please.

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I have the same problem with a brand new camera which failed after only 500 miles (about 14 hours) of use. It appears to be a loose connection between the camera and the GPS module. It is unsafe and totally impractical to manually hold the camera so it stays connected to the GPS unit while driving, so what's the point in having it?... Not at all happy with this on a brand new unit. What do I do...return it and get another brand?


Instead of making a gps module as an add-on to the main camera, they made it the other way around which is silly. Good luck with returns. Also fron my previous experience their support is nothing but useless.
Power the camera directly.  GPS will still function. 


I have exactly the same problem! It started after just one week with my brand new Viofo A119S.

Connecting the camera directly isn't a option, because the connector is on the other side of the camera (I put all the wires away).

My seller replied the following to me (which I'm very unsatisfied with):

"Viofo advised that replacing the GPS mount will not solve the issue since there is a problem with the chip that connects to the GPS mount, they have therefore released a new chip and GPS mount that should solve the problems when replaced."

I opened a ticket for this same issue for BOTH of my A119's.  The constant chime over and over again is driving me nuts.  Poor design me thinks.  Powering directly means removing all the hidden wire and routing it to the other side of the camera.  Not happy at all.  And how would the GPS work when it's no longer powered once I plug into the camera directly, Captureyouraction?

The GPS gets power when when you plug directly into the camera. GPS works just fine this way.
My camera is 2 months old it only turns off and on it will not do anything else . None of the buttons will do anything the only one that works is the on and off button.
Re-installing the firmware will probably fix your issue.


That worked thank you
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