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format and install firmware on *MAC*


I am somewhat good with computers but I can't seem to get my SD card to work using my MAC. I don't know what option to format it to and when I download the firmware it won't open. I hope someone can help me

1. Mount the SD card on your desktop (using either onboard or attached card reader)

2. Open Disk Utility

3. Locate the SD card on Disk Utility's list of "External" disks, and select it

4. Select "Erase" from Disk Utility's options

5. Name the card

6. In the "Format" selection, set it to "MS-DOS (FAT)"

7. Select the "Erase" button

 It will take a short time to erase and format, varying on the capacity of the card

I should add that I don't believe you'll need to "open" the downloaded firmware file. Once your SD card is correctly erased and formatted, just drag the ".bin" file on to it. Worked for me.

Be sure to format the memory card in the camera after updating the firmware.  I would actually format in the camera every time after using the card in a MAC.  I've read that MAC likes to place files on the memory card, which could cause issues in the camera.  I'm not a MAC person, so just relaying what I've heard.  Better safe than sorry.  


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