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Lens out of focus

My VIOFO 119S focused on left side only. See attached photo.

It looks like bad focus calibration or bad quality of optics assembly.

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The A119S lens issue well known. See my videos below for details. A much better test is outside facing tall buildings while parked. If you own the 7G F1.6 Lens with metal base as shown in my video exchange for newer model or submit Service Ticket to VIOFO here on their website.

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I also have this problem but in my case it is for A119 2017 June V2 stock and the right side is slightly out of focus.

Ask seller for a replacement.


Thanks, requested and received replacement.  Now image is sharp and clear everywhere.

I've seen mine go out of focus and a slightly double image on the left side, on a hot day. But on most days it seems reasonably in-focus.

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