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Viofo 119s -2017

Tell me who has the same problem? Personalized the video recorder set the date, time ... and after three four days of automatic set off the settings and return to the factory settings.

Install a new version v1.6 but did not solve the problem.

Are you losing just the date and time, or all your settings?


All setings
Reinstall the v1.6 firmware 2 times in a row and be sure to go into the menu and default your settings after each install.  Sounds odd I know, but it seems to work for some users.


I'll try, thanks
If your A119S is loose on the mounting bracket it might be restarting disconnect/reconnect while driving which does clear the settings if happens repeatedly. Can also lose settings if not powered for enough time to charge RTC battery, if you don't drive/use dashcam for a week or more the battery is too low.


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