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A119 Time Lapse

I just bought my A119 and set it up. Now I am wondering:

Should I use Time Lapse, or just regular video set up? If I use Time lapse, would it be good enough to capture plate numbers on street when accident happens? And Would Time lapse take less memory space on my SD card?

Thanks a lot!

While Time Lapse will use up less memory, you'll also potentially miss important information.  For normal use, I would stick will regular video.


Thx for responding. Now I have two more questions hope you can help with. 1. when I use time lapse it always double beep "bibi" whenever a video is finished, regardless that I have turned off the option for "loop recording". 2. When it is recording, I push the "record" button to stop it in order to get access to the Memu functions. But every time I push the record button it automatically start a new recording rather than stop and let me access Menu. Are these two normal phenomena? Thx
Why are you disabling Looping?  When disabled you'll be limited to one 4GB file.  This is a limitation of the Fat32 file format.  Turn on looping and try again.
Not sure why you can't access the menu.  Remove the card and try to access the menu.  Maybe your using an incompatible memory card.  What are you using?



I have same BUG!

What memory card are you using?  Are you using the GPS mount?


Here bro ;)

P.S. Transcend 16 GB - Class 10.

OK, regarding the 2nd bug, I think I have figured something out.

This #2 bug happens when my engine is off but the car electrics is powered on (the blue light of the car USB charger is on which should mean that the car battery is powering the camera).

However, if I start my engine, I will be able to stop the video and access the Menu. This bug goes away.

It's strange. What is the difference!?

In both cases, the device powered is on...

Good question, but I don't know~

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