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A119 firmware v.2.06 bug - Time-laps mode

How it's do.


Firmware - V2.06

Cyclic recording - 3 min.

Interval shooting - 1 sec.

SD card is reliable - 16 GB.


In general, included "time-lapse".

The video is recording 1 frame per second.

After 3 hours, the recorder delivers a double dithering sound.

Look at the screen. The screen is on, the red recording circle is blinking.

When you try to press REC to stop recording and move to the MENU, the recording does not stop and you can not access the menu.

It only helps to hold the Power button or turn off the power.


3 video files were created on the map

The size of each file is 344.0 mb.

The duration of each one is exactly one hour.

Accordingly, the free space is somewhere around 14 GB.


There are at least 2 questions.

Why does he squeak in 3 hours?

And why does the recording not stop and how do I get to the MENU?

What memory card are you using?  Are you using the GPS mount and a V1 camera?


Sd card Transcend class 10 - 16 Gb

Without GPS module 

Camera V1

... With GPS module mount - is the same problem.

I rechecked.

For this mode, the DVR screams twice when hour is end, and when a new file starts recording.

And then does not stop the recording and don't go to the MENU. This is a real problem!

In addition, if you click the "Protect file" button in the time-laps mode, the DVR will automatically switch to the normal recording mode!

So it should be? It seems strange to me!!

Your last post sounds normal to me. 


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Perhaps you're right.

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