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New Firmware Viofo A119s V1.7


With the new firmware for A119s the video quality has become worse in my opinion. In the case of vehicles passing by, it is no longer possible to recognize the signs. That is, they are blurred. Could someone understand this from you?

Licence plates are getting washed out in bright sunlight with the latest firmware. (1.7)


Hello unfortunately the quality has become worse after the new version 1.7

That was probably tough lighting for any camera.  Looks like the sun was shining on the backs of the cars causing a lot of glare. 
Be sure to default your settings in the menu after updating.


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It's not just the plates that get washed out.  The white cars are totally washed out.  Didn't seem to do that previously.

Quick question - because I am on 1.7 and am not seeing this happen on my camera... is the WDR mode enabled?

Basically what Viofo calls HDR video recording.

I think the default setting is enabled, I know I manually checked and set mine to disabled. Perhaps that is causing the issue? HDR gives more vivid colours but can potentially be to blame for this.

I went back to v1.4 video better   

Where can I download older firmware?

just checking ,but I did find 1.4 on here somewhere

I found it on here somewhere

Link ?

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