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A119 Loop Recording not working?

After fill memory card, camera don,t start to loop recording, but asking for delete all files, because memory card is full.

Camera model: A119

Memory card: 8GB

Firmware: just upgraded.

Resolution: 1280x720x30

Loop recording: 1 minute.

Time lapse: Off

Format warning: Off.

It is annoying, Help me please!

Is looping enabled?
What memory card are you using?


Settings in my previous post.

Possible card issue.  Be sure to format it inside the camera.
Also, what is your G-Sensor setting.  An 8GB card would fill up fast if you were getting a lot of G-Sensor events.  Don't use SanDisk Ultra cards.


Card formatted inside the camera. 


Resolution: 1280x720x30

Loop recording: 1 minute

EV: 0

WDR: off

Time-lapse: off

Motion detection: off

GPS: on

G-sensor: off

LDWS: off

FCWS: off

Format warning: 60days (previous off - nothing is changed)

While i testing camera at home everything seems to be right. Camera is working few hours with no problem. In the car is problem again.

A found in web it is possible capacitor problem. Maybe while power of last file is corrupted and can't be overwrite? How to check it? Until power on camera working right for few hours.

Ptobsnly it is memory card problem. I'm using few days some shitty no name 2GB card and everything seems to be ok. What You think about Kingstone memory card?
Kingston cards are usually good.  Transcend is the preferred card, but Samsund EVO Select (green card) memory cards have been working well too and are a good value right now.


When you say Transcend which type, should I use High Endurance Cards.l am using Lexar High Endurance now I have been told they aren't compatible for A119s camera Any comments as I still have issues with my camera.
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