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Bad video quality

Are there diffrent lens built-in on the viofo a119? Because my video quality of this camera is not to compare with that shown on reviews and/or youtube, it is just very "blurry" and haven't any "sharpness". Try'd diffrent resolutions 1440p30 and 1080p60 with clean windshield and have the lens moved to more and less sky visible. no diffrence. The protection sticker on lens is removed and i use Lexar UHS-1 Class 10 Card. I added two pictures one is of 1440p video other from 1080p60, both are pretty bad. Hope there is a solution.
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The A119 Dashcam has not changed lens, only the A119S has two types F1.6 & new F1.8
Your samples show a lot of dash reflection which can be reduced by angling lens up above vents and ordering a CPL Filter. The left and right sides are blurry most likely from curved small windshield and very wide angle A119 lens. I discovered this myself, A119 is not great in small cars with curved windshields. If you suspect too much motion blur set resolution to 1920x1080 @ 30fps then compare clips.

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